Programs & Services

Check out the video, above, which documents Justin, an employee at the Career Development Center, and how his life has been impacted by working here. The video was created by Ninjas for Health, an organization that promotes and raises awareness of public health.

The Career Development Center offers several programs and services to provide assistance, assessment and training to workers in need.

Vocational Evaluation/ Assessment

Performed with various types of assessment tools: situations assessment, psychometric testing, vocational and personal counseling.
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Work Adjustment/ Employable Skills Training

Provides a continuously supervised opportunity to work in various work settings while focusing on work tolerances and stamina, attitudes, work habits, and behaviors. Skill Training offers specific training. Career Passport is a customized skill training program providing documentation of specific skill competencies.
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Extended Employment/ Pre-Vocational Training

Long-term employment for people with disabilities.There are over 130 people with disabilities employed in the Extended Employment program.
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Job Placement/Customized Employment

Provides employment services to all participants who achieve sufficient employability skills. Offers jobs that are specifically developed for an individual.
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Corporate Guardianship Program

We provide guardianship services for individuals in West-Central Wisconsin that have no close family or other support systems who need legal protection. We meet standards required by the Bureau of Quality Assurance and the Wisconsin Circuit Court.
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An Invitation for You!

We invite you and your company to take a tour of our facilities. It will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the work we currently provide for businesses. Our goal at CDC is to continue to make a difference in the lives of those individuals who are disadvantaged or disabled by providing them with work and employment.

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