Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Assessment Evaluations are performed with various types of assessment tools: Situations assessment, psychometric testing, and vocational and personal counseling.

Vocational Evaluation is defined as the identification and measurement of vocational strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to an individual’s vocational potential. This is accomplished through specific skills and methodology, mainly the use of work, real or simulated. The means of assisting the individual in achieving his of her vocational objectives are then developed and presented for implementation.

Psychometric Testing

  • Strength and barrier assessment
  • Interest, achievement, aptitude, abbreviated intelligence testing
  • Community based or in-house evaluations

Work Adjustment provides a continuously supervised opportunity to work in various work settings while focusing on work tolerances and stamina, attitudes, work habits, and behaviors.

Work Adjustment Training

  • Provide opportunity to develop positive work behaviors – attendance, attitude,
    peer interaction, etc.
  • Exposure to varying physical work situations

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